Bingo Game Patterns

When you play online Bingo there are several different game play Bingo patterns that you will be playing for, below are some of the most common ones you will find, along with a couple of our top rated online Bingo sites where you can play those Bingo game patterns.

Don't forget that all of the online Bingo sites we have dotted around our website allow you to play all manner of different Bingo patterns and each one has been hand picked to ensure they meet our very high standards and each one will surpass your expectations and you can play with complete confidence at any of them.

90 Ball Bingo Patterns - When you play 90 Ball Bingo there are only three different Bingo patterns you will be playing for and these are as follows:

1. A single line - This is any one line of five numbers horizontally across your Bingo card.

2. Two Lines - This is any two lines of five numbers horizontally across your Bingo card.

3. Full House - This is when you have crossed off all 15 numbers on your Bingo card.

If you fancy giving 90 Ball Bingo a try and playing for the above three different Bingp patterns then JackpotJoy Bingo is the site for you to visit and play.

75 Ball Bingo - There are thousands of different Bingo patterns that you could be playing for when you are playing 75 Ball Bingo, but below are the most popular types:

Four Corners - This is when you cross off all four corner numbers on any on ticket.

Any Line - This is any line either upwards, downwards or across on your Bingo card.

Full House - This is when all of the numbers on your Bingo card have been crossed off.

One online Bingo site that has a great many 75 Ball Bingo game patterns along with excellent 3D Bingo software is the impressive Bingo Cafe check out their website for details of an unbeatable new player special offer and get playing multi patterned Bingo games today.

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